Could Ivy Wolfe Drive You Mad?


Ivy Wolfe, fromBurningAngel, is crazy. Crazy hot, that is. One of the first things they tell you in the psych ward is not to fall in love with the other patients, well you can throw that advice right out the window because it will be impossible. This hot mess of a woman will steal your heart and then shatter it.

This shoot has everything I could ever hope for. Insanely gorgeous woman. Check. Leather clad. Check. Tied up in a straight jacket. Check. High heels and fishnets, she’s got that too. After you see this they’ll have to open up a few more beds in the psyche ward because Ivy Wolfe might drive you crazy.

Look out for this goth teen nympho, she needs her sex and she needs it NOW! The padded room and straight jacket is to keep you safe from her unquenchable thirst for orgasms! If she escapes, you’re finished.


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