Why Do We Love Yanderes Sooo Much?: Yuno Gasai Cosplay by White Spring Cosplay


Yanderes are one of the emerging character tropes in anime that have become one of the most beloved character tropes by many. Unlike other famous character tropes, like the Tsundere, Dandere, and the Himedere, who tends to act a little more reserved or extremely reserved until the “right one” comes along, Yanderes prefer to do the opposite. They are extremely clingy to the person they love to the point that they’re willing to kill anyone, including themselves, just for that person. Too much love eh?

Well, that’s what makes them really interesting as their character tend to be a little unpredictable at times. Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki (Future Diaries), for example. She was so in love with Yuki to the point that she would follow him around and kill people for his sake just to be with him.

Here’s White Spring Cosplay‘s bloody Yuno Gasai Cosplay. Well, as you can see in the photos taken by White Spring Cosplay’s boyfriend, Torbjorn, there’s really too much blood in scene which gives you a gist of what kind of character Yuno is or what the story might be about. Well, despite the gory details, watching Spring’s Yuno Gasai Cosplay really piques my interest making me want to watch the anime all over again!


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