Silly Fun Sailor Moon Cosplay by Kelly Eden


If you were born in the 90’s, then perhaps “Sailor Moon” is part of your anime favorites list. But admit it, not all of us liked these Sailor girls for their magical powers or super nice hair but their super flawless long legs, right? They continue to fight the forces of evil day and night to protect humanity but they still manage to remain perfectly beautiful and those damn legs are still super smooth! Makes me a bit jealous tho.

Well, I bet Kelly Eden‘s Sailor Moon cosplay will make you even more jealous. She looks so silly and adorable in her pink with white polka dots bikini and sailor moon costume designed by Lindsay Hamilton. However, unlike other cosplayers who cosplayed Sailor Moon, she adds more flare to the character with her cool tattoos made by Nikko Hurtado.

These amazing photos were taken by John Remus III.


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