Christmas Comes Early For KristieBish


Christmas has come early for KristieBish, courtesy of her fans. You know a girl is sexy, fun, and willing to have a good time when she gets swag like this girl does. She got a whole bunch of awesomely nerdy gifts from her fans. She opens up presents like a Nintendo Switch, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, a battery-powered sorting hat from Harry Potter, and just so much awesome stuff. She got the dream Christmas for every nerd.

It’s no wonder this woman gets so many awesome gifts with how hot she is. Sitting around opening up presents in her black fishnet stockings and Harry Potter dress she looks so sexy. But, what I really like about this girl is her over the top energy. She is going absolutely crazy over her presents and she is so happy, and that just shows off her beautiful smile.

i never know what to say.. But i am super kinky, happy, hyper lil goofball


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