Trigger Gothic Havoc


“I’m rather proud of my ability to tell lies. I can trick not only others, but even my own heart.” Every played this famous Japanese video game which had an anime adaptation recently titled Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc. The series revolves around the elite high school, Hope’s Peak Academy , which, every year, selects several “Ultimate” students, talented high school students who are in the top of their field, along with one average “Ultimate Lucky Student” who is chosen by lottery. Well our cosplayer today was able to follow the character named Celestia Ludenberg. The cosplay is great having the black lollita outfit/dress reall stay far from being called “Hardcore Gothic” the setting is good too since it remained true to the plot but what’s really the shit as heck in this cosplay is the wig and how they did the curl and defied gravity and physics like in the anime.

Now who is Celestia Ludenberg? She was renowned for managing to rob any who challenged her of all their money. Due to her nature, she was given the title “Queen of Liars”. She has a slim figure and pale skin. She has black hair (in the video game it is shown as dark, deep blue) in two large twin-drill pigtails (which are actually just clip-ons as mentioned in the art book), red eyes, gold earrings, and black nail polish.

This cosplay for today with the great aura of professionalism, effort and excellence was brought to us by the professional photographer specializing in Cosplay Photography, Shiro Ang Photograhy. Shiro Ang is a young photogrpaher who would love to travel around the world more, meeting and working with new people, getting expose to their culture, understanding and connecting with people. He is currently based in Singapore, but he is available for both local and international assignments, advertising, and invitations. Shiro Ang brings out the potential of every model through the settings, editing and other pre-shoot setups so let’s support Shiro Ang and his model, Serian Kirasagi by following him on Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.







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