Ahri Cosplay by White Spring Cosplay


Nine-tailed Foxes are very common in the Asian mythology, particularly in China, Korea, and Japan. They are known as “huli jing” in China, “kumiho” in Korea, and “kitsune” in Japan. We commonly see them in mangas, animes, games, and even in live-action film adaptations. In the old Asian literature, such creatures are ususally feared and detested because people believe that they are literally cursed creatures of darkness, and would only bring bad fortune. Naruto who was posessed by a nine-tailed fox spirit, for example.

However, as time passed by, and with the development in the Asian literature and media, nine-tailed foxes became pretty much one of the most well-loved characters of today. Why not? They look stunningly beautiful and they’re among the top-tier characters with immense power and skills.

Here’s White Spring Cosplay‘s stunning Ahri Cosplay inspired from Ahri‘s original skin on the game League of Legends. The costume looks so cool as the tails look so real. Well, most cosplayers fail to succeed in making the tails when doing such cosplays which involves tails as one wrong detail in this part of the costume would really ruin the whole look. Amazingly enough, this Norwegian cosplayer did a terrific job in doing so as I’m loving every detail of her cosplay, especially the tails!

These stunning and creative photos were taken by Ookami Cosplay Photography.


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