Hipster and Bikini Ariel Cosplay by Maria Fernanda


Ariel is one of the most loved Disney Princess characters of all time for her magical journey in search for her true love, and as the only princess who lives on water. Well, many Disney fans are really crazy with the idea of a mermaid princess, especially for those who loves the sea and its majestic creatures.

However, this Ariel cosplay by Maria Fernanda, also known as Fe Galvao in the cosplay world, is a bit Hippie and sexy. Her rendition of Bikini Ariel cosplay is really neat and pretty simple yet super attractive as the costume beautifully accentuates her body. It was a simple combination of a ribbed purple bra which is a bit identical with Ariel’s upper clothing made of purple seashells, and a metallic green underwear with scale-like patterns that looks like Ariel’s tail.

Her Hipster Ariel cosplay, on the other hand looks really cool. She is wearing the same bra but she paired it with a pair of hipster denim shorts. However, the coolest part about this version of her Ariel cosplay was the tattooed accessory on her middle torso which made her look more sexy and captivating. The art was really good as the jewel-like ornament on the center almost look so real to me.


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