Hipster and Bad-ass Ariel Cosplay by Erika Perez


Among our beloved Disney Princesses, Ariel is the only princess who came from the majestic world “Under the Sea”, which made her really unique among the group. If not for that fateful day when she fell in love with Prince Eric, things would’ve been the same. However, did you ever wondered what Ariel would be like if she was a “Hipster” turned into a “Bad-ass” kind-of-princess in our generation?

We’ll if you’ll look at these awesome cosplay shots of Erika Perez, I’d say these are really cool and definitely hot. And at some point, these kinda looks like perfect disneybound cosplay inspirations for our amazing disneybounders out there, don’t you agree? You can actually sport these style inspirations, whenever and wherever you feel like wearing ’em! You can be a “Happy-Go-Lucky Hipster Ariel” or an “Emo-and-Kinda-Badass Looking Ariel”, it’s your pick as long as you can rock ’em! And they go perfectly with a vibrantly red hair too!

Hipster Ariel art by Emmanuel Viola.


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