Shakti Will Be Your Knight in Shinning Armor


Some people love women who aren’t just beautiful, but strong. And, Shakti, from Bare Maidens, must be a strong woman because she is a sword-wielding knight. Out on the battlefield, you would never know she was a woman, as she is dressed head to toe in chain mail and metal plating. And, if she didn’t beat you with a sword and shield all she would have to do is take off her helmet and reveal the gorgeous face underneath to stop you in your tracks.

Shakti is about as close to perfection as a person can get. I absolutely love her look, with jet black hair that cascades down her back, flawless pale skin, soft lips, and the most gorgeous brown eyes. In this shoot, she’s slowly stripping off all of her battle armor, and she couldn’t do it fast enough. I can’t wait to see what kind of body is hidden under that armor of hers.

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