Lilithcarter is the Punk Rock Chick of Your Dreams


Lilithcarter is the rocker chick I fantasized about when I was growing up as a punk. Long black hair, a love of comics and anime, tattoos, and piercings. Her best feature, however, has to be her adorable and sparkling white smile. This is the type of girl I would have given my left leg to be with during my punk rock phase.

Lilthcarter has just an amazing look. She has a right arm sleeve of tattoos and another one on her thigh. She’s rocking a super sexy pair of black thigh-highs and Batman t-shirt. I don’t think I could find a flaw with this girl if I tried. And, if all of that wasn’t good enough she even has won her geek street cred with wall paintings of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dragonball Z, and that low-cut Batman Tee.


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