Live A Punk Rock Fantasy With The Beautiful Miss Monster


If you have been keeping track of the things that I am crazy about, I have a new one for your list: Red makeup.

This gallery by BlueBlood presents a great example of a great use of makeup, as Miss Monster is wearing bright red lipstick and a light red eye-shadow; which, in addition to her dangerous, yet appealing look with her wild hairstyle will have you ready for anything that any BarelyEvil chick can ask of you.

You are in luck, though, because Miss Monster seems much more interested in making you feel good than she is in asking for anything, so just sit back, play some punk rock, smile and enjoy the ride she has prepared for you; as you imagine her as backup, giving you a ride to your next objective and helping you out on your favorite videogame.


As we move into summer, I wish Miss Monster were in the sunshine now.
–Amelia G



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