GeishaMonroe is Captivating and Oh So Entertaining.


I have to admit, Geishamonroe has me completely enamored. While some cam girls do nothing but sit and stare into their webcam, Geisha has a real personality. This punk rock chick has no problem opening up with her fans, discussing just any topic under the sun in depth.

She is a beautiful girl with stylish tattoos all over her body. Her blue hair and bright red lipstick really bring out her sparkling white teeth that are part of an amazingly beautiful smile. And, when it comes to geek cred, this girl has it in spades. Her room is decorated with Hello Kitty, Batman, Halloween, and a life-size mural of the Tardis from Dr. Who. This is one room where you get more than just a show.

Hi there! My name is Geisha Monroe. My friends call me G (Which is way easier than BB, and I right?) I am a 27 year old cam girl & porn star. Yes this is my full-time job. I enjoy getting to know mt fans, while also making friends with them. You’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg, so if you want to learn more KEEP SCROLLING!


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