Lisa_Anny the Rare Classy Geek Girl


If you like your geek girls with a side of classy, then Lissa_Anny needs to be on your radar. Her room might be outfitted in pictures and logos from both DC and Marvel comics, but everything about this woman screams high society. She’s exactly what you want, a lady in the streets but a geek in the bed.

Her amazing posture straightened raven hair, jewelry, and oh so delicate lingerie is a complete package that makes it seem like she went to a girl’s finishing school. She has porcelain-like white skin that is absolutely flawless. But, what I really like about her is the aura she gives off. She looks shy and timid while being dignified and classy at the same time. Put all that together with the comic book fandom and you have a model that everyone should be drooling over.

Hello my name is Lissa, a fun, crazy, 20 years old girl I love romantic men but in bed I love aggressive. I love talking to strangers because they always make me smile and give me many new experiences.
One of the reasons why I like to transmit is because every day you learn new things from all the users and from yourself.I love music, traveling, meeting people, dancing and flirting. I am a very simple and natural girl, I always try to do the best for all of you guys and in that way i make sure that we have a great time together.

My strength is my sensuality, with it i can seduce your mind and hypnotizeyou with my body. I have great promotions for us to have fun together.


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