Penelope Plays the Blues on World Jump Day


Proudly representing nerdy women of color, GodsGirls’ Penelope proves that the Blues do not necessarily equate to loneliness, contrary to what many musicians will tell you. In fact, as she oh-so-sensuously proves in this photoshoot that the color blue can also be sexy when used as a backdrop for a gorgeous African-American girl whose love for nature is inversely proportional to the amount of clothes she is currently wearing.

Penelope also proves that blue hues paired with black bandana, low-plunging tops, and oversized gold earrings are also unexpectedly synonymous with happiness and unity: the set of pictures was published July 20, 2017, which any contemporary geek will know is World Jump Day, where every person in the world is encouraged to jump at the same time in order to get the planet to move slightly out of its orbit, straight into a new one that would not cause global warming. The science behind the event is wonky, but as Penelope’s infectious smile shows—it’s all about people coming together for a cause and being happy about life. We say, the Earth can go mind its own business, we will take any excuse to see Penelope jumping around and hugging various tree trunks. What we wouldn’t give to be a tree right now!

Our lovely Penelope also took the time to describe the photoshoot with “GodsGirls make ya wanna jump! jump! Penelope make ya wanna jump! jump!,” which shows that she truly knows her jams, as any retro geek will recognize the verbiage as inspired by early 90s rap duo Kriss Kross. Again, we’ll take it as it’s another excuse to see Penelope bounce around. I can’t pinpoint exactly what, but black and blue suddenly makes us want to jump, jump, and jump some more until the sun comes down.


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