Elara-Blair plays with horror icons


Gods Girls pulls out all stops for this horror themed shoot with Elara Blair. This is one of those times where you will have to take my word for most of the shoot. Why? Because, well, let’s just say she gets a bit naughty with the toys (and I don’t mean the action figures) that are used here. She’s decked out in some great heels and stockings. I love the ripped look and I was going to show you a picture that showcased her legs and stockings, but the NSFW hammer bopped me on the head. Sorry, folks, you’ll have to visit the site for those stockings. Speaking of things I love about this set, do check out the sweet pose with the Jason hockey mask Elara-Blair pulls off. I think it is my favorite of the entire set!

What can I say? Godsgirls and Elara Blair really bring back some memories with Michael Myers and a bit of Freddie action. It really does look like something most of us look forward to on Halloween–getting a few of the old favorites out and watching them all until we Scream. Oh, please forgive the pun. After all, I bring you a bit of a treat (or a trick or two….)



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I am an easy-going down to earth, I do not judge, and i accept everyone as an individual, and hope you will do the same for me. I like to stay active and healthy, i enjoy going for walks especially when taking landscape photography. I love to photograph, & retouch photos aswell, all of my jobs are self-employed. I love history, and if i could do my life over again, i would like to be a Historian or a Archaeologist. I have a passion for Movies & Film, and it is my dream to become a director. It is currently what i am going after and i will not be going to college for it for a couple years. I have many aspirations and dreams, and other things that keep me going. I am a fairly busy person. Some things i would like to experience more is traveling, different cultures, meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds. I would like to take dancing lessons, or guitar, i do own an electric les paul epiphone but i do not actually know how to play. I like to relax, workout, keep active, fit & healthy. I love punk, vintage, gothic, pinup, psychobilly or rockabilly styles. When you walk into my room it does’nt look like any other girls room, it looks like a 14yr old boys room… In means of horror posters, horror movie paraphenila, action figures, comic books, video games, and a wide selection of dvds. I don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke. Some sports that interest me include; Boxing #1, Football #2, Hockey #3, then UFC or wrestling… lol I do not currently watch any of these although i would love to, i just have no one to watch it with… Im that kick back kind of girl, who would love to watch a sport game. Best Reason to Get to Know Me: I am an intelligent person who likes to meet new people. I am fun, entertaining, exciting and i have a unique personality. I am very down to earth, honest and very trustworthy. I am very open, very opinionated, but i accept everyone for who they are, and believe that everyone has a right to their own opinion. Interests: Military, Army, Air Force & Related. I have a condition called Narcolepsy, which makes it impossible for me to ever get my licence or follow my military career dream. So i am following my other dream of becoming a director and advertising agent! Talents: People tell me i have an Eye for Beauty, and a Talent for Photography, Empathy, Hopeless Romantic, Acting, Film, Creativity, Networking, Self-Expression, and Drawing or Creating Art. Things i want to try: – Muay Thai, Sky diving, Rock Climbing, White Water Rafting, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Boxing Competitively, Learn To Play The Drums & Guitar At A Professional Level, Suspension, Burlesque, & to be a Travelling Professional Photographer.
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I am a Gods Girl because i love to network, and stare at hot naked women all day long! I love voyeurism and i love to watch and be watched, whether it is videos, cam, or photos :). I have heard many great things about Gods Girls and decided it was time to check it out for myself! I also have many gods girl friends, and i love the fact that this company is non-exclusive, giving us models more freedom and best interest at heart.
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Boxers, or nude… Sometimes my boy briefs
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Skin, Asher, Laura, Hex, (too many to name!)
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