Perfect Pitch 3


We all love Perfect Pitch from beginning to end, from the first movie to the second..and it was announced right after the release date of Perfect Pitch 2 that there will definitely be a part 3.

The first movie, I thought it was just another movie that was like Glee…not that I don’t like Glee but I like more of originality. After watching the first movie years ago, I was so hooked! It was very creative, funny and you’ll really love their songs!

The Perfect Pitch 3 was first scheduled to be released on July 22,2017 but was pushed back to December 22,2017 and Elizabeth Banks is no longer on board in directing the film.

Although she won’t be directing the third film, Banks assured that she will still be overseeing PP3 and return as Gail in the movie.

How will the the third film turn out with a different director? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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