Angela’s Lilith Cosplay Pushes The Borders Of Sexy


Angela is wearing a very sexy outfit in this CosplayErotica set. The character she is cosplaying as is Lilith from the Borderlands games, and she is said to be a character with amazing powers. With that in mind, I can tell you that I don’t know if Angela can do what this siren can do, but she definitely has some enhanced seductive skills as she not only looks super gorgeous with her orange outfit on, but she also shows you the intensity in her eyes when she points her gun at an enemy.

In case you are wondering, you will not only get to see her posing, but you will also get treated to a lot of images of her hot, bare body, and while she shows you all you’d like to see of her, she does keep the costume mostly on.

Don’t you just love it when cosplays are as well-done as this one?



Lilith is Borderlands’ “Siren” class. She is originally from the planet Dionysus and is one of six Sirens, a group of women with unbelievable powers.




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