Alecia Joy defies gravity


You are about to witness the frustration of ‘NSFW’ posting. BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black pull off a stunning–and I mean stunning–pictorial of Alecia Joy and I can’t show (almost) any of it. Usually when I have to pick mostly nude work for a photo to show, I can at least get something (not always) that represents the coolness of the shoot. Although I love the picture available for your eyes, well, it does not do the shoot justice. Why? I mean, it is a great picture, right? Yes, it is a great picture. I really love the colors here and her pose reminds me of a Little Mermaid coming out of the water to devour men’s souls. But.


What the picture doesn’t show is how amazingly gifted and graceful Alecia Joy is in this shoot. To be honest, the first thing I thought of was a Motley Crue concert where they had professional dancers coming from the ceiling. This would definitely fit right in. That’s how cool this shoot was.

She’s suspended (fully nude) in a steel triangle. She is basically doing fricken aerials on a piece of metal hung far above the floor (and without a net). I can’t show you one of those pictures because she is completely–absolutely (stunningly, so)–nude. How many of these pictures are killer? All of them. Every single one. For example, there’s this one picture where she is semi-resting her butt (nude, of course) on the iron bar. Her arms are outstretched and her hands are gripping the chain. In this particular picture, she is bending backwards so that her head breaks the horizontal plane going acute to the floor. Her legs–this is the kicker–are bent backwards too so that her feet are almost touching her head.

That’s not even the coolest pose! She’s amazing. Period. End of. Full stop. Heck, she’s upside down for a lot of these shoots and that is well, darn right difficult to do on a normal day and I can’t even imagine the control it took to pose for a camera shot–or few. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Blue Blood just has this stable of awesomely wicked-talented models who do amazing things with their bodies. Alecia Joy is a prime example of this.

Now, why don’t y’all just go visit the site real quick whilst I go back to the uncensored gravity defying glory that is this shoot.

Alecia Joy’s formal dance training is evident in this photo series. It was such a pleasure for me and Forrest Black immortalizing someone doing something so well and so beautifully. I think you all are going to love this shoot. I sure hope you do 🙂
–Amelia G


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