Anna Bell’s Kali Is Demonically Delicious


Anna Bell of BurningAngel is demonically delicious and awakening as Kali. Kali is Hindu goddess that was known for her connection with the devil, sexuality, and warrior-like protection. It is said that Kali would become drunk with power off of her victims’ blood after killing them and it would drive her to kill more. But, she was also seen as motherly. That is one mother I’d like to… friend.

Anna Bell’s take on Kali highlights the blackness associated with her. Her ample bosom highlights her sexuality, much like Kali’s, while also subconsciously making us attracted to her maternal side. She may be associated with the devil, her horns make us horny. There is a true duality to Anna Bell’s take on Kali, with the femininity of her beautiful pink hair and stunning eyes, and the darkness with the horn, studded outfit, and sneak peaks of her tattoos. Anna Bell’s version of Kali would certainly make us fall to our knees, even in self sacrifice. She is absolutely a seductive, fierce goddess.

Anna Bell Peaks played big boobed succubus Kali in our devilishly sexy feature Cindy Queen of Hell! She’s horny and ready for your daily deeds. -BurningAngel


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