A Horrifyingly Hot Haunter Gijinka Wizard Armor Cosplay by Mary Miuu


Looking back on my childhood years when I was a super fan of The Pokemon Adventures anime, I remember myself admiring every pokemon for their captivating charm. Its true that not all pokemon are good natured but all of them sure are charming in their own different ways.

Haunter was one of those not so good type of pokemon for once you approach him and let him lick you, you’ll surely lose your life. His cuteness and natural abilities may have become an ultimate curse to this character that’s why he lurks in darkness.

Speaking of which, I never imagined that haunter can be cosplayed as scary as this! I’d honestly say that watching Mary Miuu‘s Haunter Gijinka Wizard Armor cosplay really gives me the creeps everytime I look at it. However, I can’t help but admire her work as well. Everything was really well thought of as she managed to pull off this newly evolved look of Haunter!

She wore it at Otakuthon 2015. Photos were taken by Captain JP, Jean Goulet, and Mary herself.

Haunter from Pokemon

Haunter from Pokemon


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