SciFi DreamGirls Group Fun


More fembot fun awaits in this SciFi DreamGirls video where a lot of sexy things happen with the reporter Kate, who turns out to be a fembot, Ashley 3000, SadieBot and CleoBot, who are all super-hot, and not shy about showing off their gorgeous bodies and then engaging in some very intense lustful fun with one another, after all, that is what they were built for, and you get to see all the good stuff happening before your very eyes.

After you see this beautiful ladies getting it on with one another, you’ll immediately want to watch the video again, for there are so many great things to see, so many breasts and details that a single serving is not enough, thanks to the participation of all the hot women in this memorable and arousing scene.



Kate enters the HRX Prototype Lab as being the first journalist to ever see this very secretive lab in person. This was an opportunity of a lifetime for a young reporter. The world renowned Doctor Winchester was her guide for the day. And she knew with a few bats of her eyelashes and a smile, he would tell her anything she wanted to know. Kate was fascinated with everything that surrounded her.




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