SciFi Sally talks X-Men


I know I have to check a room out with a model called Scifi_Sally. I love Science Fiction; I love gaming; I love nerdy things and darn it, I love Scifi_Sally. She is a non-nude model who really can hang with the geek club. We start discussing the new X-Men movie and move directly to Hugh Jackman’s butt in 3D IMAX. Well, you know there is only so much Wolverine behind that one can see in 3D goggles, but the talk makes me want to see it. What does Jackman’s butt look like in 3D? Oh, no spoilers.

Scifi_Sally has a wide array of nerdy toys that you can see from her cam room. She has an R2D2 in the background in most shots (life sized, of course) and she is one of the few people to actually model a Nintendo Gaming Book while wearing a Darth Vader mask. I think she should get extra points just for that. As a hostess, she really is witty, charming and a great talker. She’s fast and she–reads–what people say. The interesting thing right now in Scifi_Sally’s room is the tipping war going on. That’s right, there is a tipping war for a non-nude model.

I am going to leave you with sage advice from Scifi_Sally, “Glitter is the herpes of the craft’s world.” Doesn’t that just say it all?


Username: Scifi_Sally
CamScore: 2153.8
Gender: Female
Body Type: Average
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eyes: Black
Weight: 666 pounds
Age: 57
City: Space is the place
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Straight
Tags: nerd, funny, dork, robot, bacon, gamer, socks, anime, glasses, punk, boner killer, geek, sarcastic, metal, talkative, cute, armpit fart, gnome, church of Cheesus Christ
Smoke: Light
Drink: Occasional
Marital Status: Involved
Occupation/Major: Dork
School: The Church of Cheesus Slice and Laundry Day Saints
Favorite Food: Coffee is Zod
Pets: A loud Fizzgig
Automobile: Light cycle
About Me:
1. Why aren’t you naked?! – I am. Under my clothes. And I do enjoy wearing clothes..
2. Then why are you on MFC – To kill boners.
3. Fine, then what do you do? – Whatever the hell I want to. If it makes me laugh, then goal accomplished.
4.. Do you Skype/Privates/have Paypal? – No Skype, No Paypal.
5. Wanna see my cam? And why can’t I PM you? – If you are a regular who I deem high-five worthy, I will automatically put you on my friends list. Friends can only PM. As for your cam, no thanks…unless you’re on my friends list. Though I don’t want to see you dick. I’m sure it’s magical and can shoot loads of glitter, but save it for someone else kthx.
6.. You’re Awesome!/You Suck! – Thank you! Both are compliments!


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