Baby Metal the goth punk in wolf’s clothing


It seems like I alternate between hiding out from cam girls and chilling in their room. I was running from someone when I saw BabyMetal’s room. It looks like she is wearing a semi-bad wolf costume when I enter the room. The fur is, I believe, fake, but the rest of the outfit is unreal. I really like her hair and the color balancing out the grays of the wolf suit. Okay, I like her hair and the black number she has on below that wolf. Okay, I like the tattoo too. I guess there isn’t much I don’t like about BabyMetal. She has a little game she plays with a d20; I’ve seen this game before (rolling for tip prizes) but BabyMetal is the first one I ever saw get physical with the way she catches the d20. I’ll just say that there had to be re-roll due to the di being clenched on an edge.

BabyMetal is a friendly, talkative (and dancative) chat model who seems to be just the right mixture of goth and punk. I haven’t seen that mixture before, but it works for her. Between the costuming and the d20, I think I will keep my eye on her in the future.


Username: BabyMetal
CamScore: 3392.4
Gender: Female
Body Type: Ample
Hair: Always Different
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 120 pounds
Height: 65 inches
Age: 21
Country: United States
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Tags: queer, goth, punk, tattoos, pierced, pansexual, busty big tits, drunk, kinky, russian, cute, young
Smoke: Occasional
Drink: Heavy
Drugs: Experimented
Marital Status: Single
Occupation/Major: Freedom
Favorite Food: Breakfast foods *.*
Pets: 2 furbabies of the Meow variety


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