Admire The Genius Of Gogo’s Cosplay Sensuality


When you see this cosplay, you’re going to feel your heart jumping out of your chest in excitement that such an awesome CosplayErotica set exists, because Gogo is cosplaying as none other than the smart, kinky and super-hot Kinzie Kensington from the Saints Row games.

Gogo is wearing the character’s super-powered outfit because she wants to show you all the lust-based powers she’s unlocked, especially how irresistible they are once she starts using them and how well they let her show you just how easy it is for her to arouse you with her boobs and much, much more without having to remove any major parts of her costume, which is always a wonderful feature to have.

Kinzie is introduced as a socially awkward young woman who is antisocial, witty, sarcastic and mock-serious. She is very lighthearted and youthfully cocky. Being an agoraphobic, she doesn’t venture very often from her warehouse on her own and in the case that she does go out on her own, she goes out with other people, such as The Protagonist.


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