Luxmyn’s Fantasstic Misumi Nagisa Cosplay


This CosplayErotica video and photo set combo is fascinating, so you may want to pay attention to as many details as you can, because when the presentation progresses you’ll be shown things of an increasing lustful quality, and you want to be fully receptive to all of the suggestive sights that Luxmyn treats you to in her Misumi Nagisa cosplay.

Luxmyn starts to show you her sexy booty in different poses that stretch her shorts to their limits, and once you’ve got an eyeful of that, she proceeds to lift up her shirt to show you her perky breasts and continues showering you with hotness by having her shorts succumb to gravity and slowly slide down, revealing all the glorious things that await you as she is not wearing anything underneath, and there are more kitty and booty views for you to enjoy as this erotic lady continues displaying both her cosplaying mastery, and her provocative readiness.

Although she is sporty, Nagisa is actually more girly and image conscious. She has a large collection of stuffed animals and is weak in academics, but makes up for it with pure spirit and energy as well as in lacrosse. She also has a large appetite and loves to eat chocolate.


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