Luna Laney is a Sexy High Elf in Skyrim Cosplay


Herbs in Skyrim can fetch a hefty price. Unfortunately for Luna Lavey, on BurningAngel, shopkeeper Owen Gray has had some trouble drumming up business lately. He is a little light in the coin purse and won’t be able to afford the herbs that Luna is selling. Luckily he has some impressive skills to offer as a trade that Luna is more than a little intrigued by. So it turns out she is going to be one satisfied customer.

Luna has an impressive amount of tattoos and piercings, and she really gets into this cosplay. She plays the part of a high elf of the Altmer race. Part of the video is shot in the first person to really capture the feel of the game. The video really takes care to capture the finer points of the massive RPG.


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