Zoey Stuns in Sailor Mars Cosplay


Zoey, from CosplayErotica, is absolutely stunning in this perfect cosplay as Raye from Sailor Moon. Raye, also known as Sailor Mars, possess powers related to fire, which is fitting because Zoey is hot. She is a stunning brunette with legs that go on forever, and they look amazing in her pair of red heels.

I love this photoshoot because Zoey absolutely nails the look. Sailor Moon was one of the first hugely successful animes to make its way stateside. Because of that, the heroines of the series have been a major focus of fantasy for years. With this photo shoot, we get a great in real life version of Sailor Mars, and it is terrific.

Rei Hino in English versions Raye, better known as Sailor Mars (Sera Mazu) is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series. Rei is the second Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Usagi. A perfect fit for our awesome Zoey!


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