Cosplay Erotica Chi-Chi Isn’t Such a Princess After All

Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball Z may have been the princess of Fire Mountain, but Devorah of Cosplay Erotica dressed in a sexy Chi-Chi cosplay will light a fire in your loins. This is not the once-shy Chi of days past. She starts cute with her little bunny ears and smiles, but turns all curvaceous woman who commands your eyes as she strips to reveal her perfectly taut, tan body. Devorah’s smooth skin allures you with tattoos along with her pert figure as she reveals what’s behind her scanty costume.

Cute little winks invite you to come play, and provide her all the satisfaction that Goku only wishes he could. Baring it all, Chi-Chi dances for the camera, bouncing her sleek body and spreading herself open to show you just how she wants to be pleased. With her head to the floor, Chi starts gathering all your attention when she grasps at her hips and thighs and moans, begging you for euphoric bliss.



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