Hungry For Bonney


Fairly recently, Korean cosplayer, SAIDA, got herself some spotlight with her cute cosplay of Officer Judy Hopps from Disney’s Zootopia. Following that noteworthy cosplay, she has once again given her fans another wonderful cosplay. This time, she’s cosplaying Jewlery Bonney from Eiichiro Oda’s famous work, One Piece.

Jewelry Bonney is a slim woman who is also known as the “Big Eater” because of her enormous appetite. She is the captaion of the Bonney Pirates, an infamous rookie group of pirates. Despite them looking like a reckless bunch it can be assumed that this group, is in fact, quite strong considering the fact that there is a high bounty for Bonney’s capture. Bonney is also one of the twelve pirates who are known as “The Worst Generation”. This doesn’t mean they suck as pirates, the term refers to the infamous pirates with bounties over a hundred million on their heads for being considered to be the most notorious.


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