Cosplay Erotica’s Stacy makes a statement as Quiet from Metal Gear Solid


Stacy from Cosplay Erotica shows us she is ready to fire with her latest cosplay of the assassin Quiet from Metal Gear Solid 5. She looks like she is afraid of no man nor creature as she is armed to take anything down and dressed to kill!

Stacy is decked out in all black from boots to gloves, ripped stockings, panties, and a barely there top. She is ready for war with grenades and a sweet sniper rifle that will take out anyone before they know it. She gives us many sensual poses in both the set and the video that keep all eyes on her, despite Quiet being a master of stealth.

Once the clothes start to come off, however, Stacy shows us there is much more to her than a pretty smile. This set and its video show us Stacy checking to make sure her equipment is all in working order. She gladly lets us in on the inspection and finishes everything off with a seductive smile.

Quiet is an assassin from Metal Gear Solid 5. She wears little clothing as she breathes through her skin after a parasitic treatment. Once a feared sniper in Afganistan in the 80s fighting aginst the invading Russians, she is able to become an asset for your team. She can not only take out enemies with her shooting abilities but also her ability to transport from one place to another on a whim.


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