Stacy shows a new Persona


When Cosplay Erotica showed the new Stacy shoot, I immediately thought of the anime version that sprung from Persona 3. Stacy really pops to life on this shoot that CosplayErotica called ‘Tatsumi Port Island’. There is a weird energy in this shoot because in both the photoset and the video, Stacy looks innocent and very naughty at the same time. The top never comes off (sorry folks!) but this works for the shoot. It works for the bit of exploration that Stacy does everywhere else on her body. This really reflects what the character, Yukari Takeba, comes off as in the game. Yukari, beyond being very cool with the bow and pink (I love the color pink) accented top, is someone who can be a bit shy at times and yet strong. I think this shoot reflects that duality nicely. The heart-shaped box in the shoot stands out as a key to unlocking Yukari (so does the heart-shaped broach…oh, I can pun once in a bit!).

The costume works well, with the socks going towards her thigh and the shoes looking sensible, but what really puts this shoot into high gear is the way Stacy poses her face. Yes, I’ve talked about face posing before (seems like I notice that and shoes a lot–note for my later drs appointment). Stacyis able to demonstrate innocence and lust with her face and often at the same time. There are more than a few great poses in this set and I am happy to show you one here! Yes, finally something semi-safe for work! I won’t spoil the moment for you, but you’ll know exactly what picture I am talking about when you see it. Yes, she’s darn gorgeous like this. Yes, she’s a bit innocent and naughty. No, that costume didn’t come with underwear. The rest, I’ll leave up to your imagination.

Body: Girl next door
Legs: Very long
Boobs: Small
Hair: Brunette


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