Ari Dee as Captain America


Ari Dee gives us the gift of some Captain America cosplay. I really do love the outfit. It is snug fitting and it really does accentuate all of Cap’s finer points. Quite frankly, this Ari Dee shoot would make the basis of some great Captain America fiction. Why not have a female Cap? Seriously, how cool would that be? I can see it now–nothing really has to be change (just gender) the rest fits perfectly.

That’s the great thing about Ari Dee. Her shoots allow the imagination to run beyond what is presented on the page. That’s a rather awesome super power. Although, the page does look great too. I really love Ari’s tattoos on her right arm. Some of the ink was a bit hard to show in this shoot since most of the really close pictures of it are also when she is being a bit naughty. It seems that fighting Hydra (or joining it, I mean whatever new timeline you follow) takes a lot of a superhero and Cap starts to undress for some much needed RnR.

One last note: The red bandana works really well here. It brings out the ‘Americana’ feel of this shoot. She, just like Steve Rogers, is just the girl next door doing her best to save the planet. I think if this was the version of Cap on the big screen, I would turn away from Team Stark…unless, of course, that Stark was Jon Snow (sorry, all bets are off for that!)

Come have a look. If you are Cap fan, this would be a great treat and even if you aren’t–her tattoos are rather interesting. Oh, did I mention she gets rather playful and naked? Win-win, isn’t it?

Captain America
Americana meets Marvel babeliness! Watch me strip out of my Captain America crop top and red, sequined panties outside. Avengers Assemble!


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