The Last Unicorn: Lady Amalthea Cosplay by Absentia


In the whimsical world of fairies and princesses, unicorns have always been one of their faithful and trusted companions. They symbolize purity and grace which is why according to the Greek myth, only virgins with a pure heart can capture them. They resemble like horses but with long, spiral-like horns in their forehead. It is also believed that their horns have some magical powers too!

Unicorns have always been a picture of a fun and carefree life; However, in The Last Unicorn (1980’s film), we can see in the life of Amalthea that life can be pretty depressing for them too. It’s a story about a unicorn who went on a journey to find the rest of her kind yet ended up falling in love as she transformed into a human being, known as Lady Amalthea, to conceal her identity. It was really romantic but such a tear-jerking story. Well, the most depressing part was how it ended. I really can’t spoil much of the story tho! (>_<)

Anyway, here’s Absentia‘s Lady Amalthea cosplay which was inspired by this classic film. She made the whole costume and accessories herself except for the corset which was custom made by Lovely Rat’s Corsetry.


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