Into the Woods With Little Red Riding Hood by Absentia


When we were kids, we were always reminded to be careful and not to easily trust strangers through the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But as the decades go by, a few adaptations were made for this children’s tale giving new twists to the story.– From the carefree Little Red in the classic bedtime stories to an ethereal beauty in the movie Red Riding Hood (2011). Surely, what happened to Little Red was scary enough for kids but this live-action movie adaptation was way more horrifying. And much to our surprise, the Big Bad Wolf ended up as Red’s one true love in this movie. Thankfully, the heavy romantic parts in the story helped lighten up the mood. Well, I won’t spoil all the details for the sake of those who haven’t watched this film yet!

Anyway, here’s Absentia‘s corset-themed Little Red Riding Hood cosplay. I must say that she looks more like a student in these photos because of her skirt which looks like a Japanese high school student’s uniform. But, the overall look was really stunning with an alternative lolita touch.


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