Catjira Electrifying Misty Cosplay


Catjira is offering lots of cool things to look at with her splendid Misty cosplay tonight, and she doesn’t only wear the vibrant yellow top and the daisy dukes with red suspenders like the character does, but she takes things to new electrifying heights by showing you a lot of cleavage that allows a good view of the lovely shape of her breasts, long eyelashes that highlight the beauty of her eyes, and a smile that will draw you in further to her kissable lips.

In summary, Catjira is a total knockout, and her cosplay just makes things better. Add to that the fun stuff she is doing on her show with her conversations, her random spanking and flashes she treats you to while she gets ready to take off that fascinating top of hers, and you have the recipe for a wonderful hump day with lots of goodies to go around.








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