Bewitching Cornelia Hale Cosplay by Absentia at Pyrkon 2016

Long ago, when people hear or think of witches what usually crosses their minds are despicable people who use dark magic to cause trouble to others. That’s why in the pages of the history of mankind those who were suspected as witches were condemned to die either by piercing their hearts with a stake or by burning them alive. Those times were considered the dark ages of mankind.

However, as the years gone by some of us have begun to realize that not all witches in the world are as bad as what we’ve heard or thought of. Through the movies and books, W.I.T.C.H. for example, we’ve come to see them in a different light. Now, we see some of them as one of our allies and not as enemies of the society.

Here’s Absentia‘s Cornelia Hale cosplay which she wore at Pyrkon 2016one of the biggest conventions in Poland. Cornelia is among the brave witches in this wonderful cartoon and comic series, W.I.T.C.H. She is said to be the earth guardian who has the power to control nature.

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