Scathach – Skillful and Sexy


Saber, Rin, Rider, etc…we’ve heard a lot of these names already when we talk about the Fate/Stay franchise, but you know what we talk less of? Scathach. Let’s face it she may not be all up there on the pedestal like her more famous co-characters, but she deserves some light shone on her! For that I am thankful that cosplayer, Fuji Yuu, has graced us with a wonderful cosplay of this queen.

Scathach is a warrior-queen (you thought I was kidding when I said queen, did you?) of the Land of the Shadows. She has the reputation of being “strong like a monster” after having stopped being human and turned into a Divine Spirit after a long time of battling. She is a warrior who is not only an expert at spearsmanship but she is also adept with magecraft. Because of this many have wanted to become her protege.


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