<3 Alessa Crow and Sorry I Haven't Written In A While


Longtime readers have probably noticed that this is my first cam post since Halloween. Really longtime readers have probably noticed my occasional references to having CFIDS (also completists who have read the About Us.) Over the years, CFIDS has been called ME, CFS, and SEID. Basically, it is like having randomly recurring intense bouts of mono that hurts. Fortunately, as a writer, I can sometimes take off months at a time and still have work to come back to. Also, fortunately, a lot of amazing and interesting writers have rallied around my Sexy Fandom site and so I can be unable to write since October and still have the site update every day. I’m really happy this site has spoken to so many people to have them want to be a part of it. My health makes it so that I sometimes really lose my sense of time. Alessa Crow says I am like one of those hibernating kinds animals. She is so insightful. That is a really good analogy. As always, Alessa Crow‘s makeup looks amazing tonight and she is playing lots of cool music. Love the smoky eyes and just got introduced to Motionless in White I’d never heard before. It is free to sign up to talk to beautiful Alessa Crow. Right now, she is telling a funny story of when she got her ladyparts pierced. She has really heavy gauge dramatic piercings, which go really well with her overall head-to-toe style. She says that, five years ago, she just went in and got them all done at once, only, instead of broadcasting from home like she does now, she was working for a cam studio and she went to work. Only the piercings locations were all swollen like “blue balls” and they just didn’t know what to do. It is an extra funny story the way Alessa Crow tells it. Oh wow, now she is dancing with her alien kitty cat Santu to AC/DC Highway to Hell and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever 🙂

Anyway, guys, apologies for being a bit MIA. Not sure how much I’ll be posting soon, but hopefully a bit more. I’ll leave you for the evening with what is one of my favorite quotes because you never really know what your fellow humans are going through: Be kind. Everyone you meet is carrying a heavy burden.


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