Rosanna Rocha goes Poison Ivy


One of the prominent villains in both Batman and the whole DC comics franchise is Poison Ivy. She has the power to control plants which is kinda powerful for a Batman villain. But how did she obtained her powers of controlling plants and poisons? Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley or later known as Poison Ivy, a promising botanist from Seattle, was seduced by her high school professor Marc LeGrande into assisting him with the theft of an Egyptian artifact containing ancient herbs. Fearing she would implicate him in the theft, he attempts to poison her with the herbs, which are deadly and untraceable. She survives this murder attempt and discovers she has acquired an immunity to all natural toxins and diseases.

The cosplayter for this article is Rosann Rocha. In my opinion, Rosanna Rocha got the poison Ivy cosplay very inclined with her looks. Her signature outfit in cosplaying female characters was always being topless with only her nipples covered with the design depending on the character she’s portraying which is for now, Poison Ivy but even though the character matches her looks and features the cosplaying has a lot more of potential, well maybe it would be better if she really did followed Poison Ivy’s outfit? I’m really sure that it would be so hot and sexy. But nevertheless Rosanna got the body of the gorgeous Poison Ivy and her very seductive looks.

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