WingID_Lust Introduces You To The Sexiness Before Christmas


One of my favorite characters in the Batman universe is Two-Face, and now that I’ve said that, you may be wondering why I shared such a seemingly random detail.

Well, the reason is that I just saw what WingID_Lust is doing tonight, and she’s got a very creative and colorful scene going on, where instead of her cosplaying as just one character from the movie “Nightmare Before Christmas” she decided to go with a Two-Face style costume by putting together half a Jack costume and half a Sally costume, both sown in the middle to give it an extra spooky effect.

This goes to show that there’s also room for some scary things on Christmas, and in the case of the astounding job that WingID_Lust is doing of portraying the characters, while also maintaining a sexy feel to her show, she also demonstrates that there’s a lot of sensuality to be had in this season as well.




Dark Beauty Waiting For You
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