They Brought You A Gift


Guess what? It’s that time of the year again where you’ll be subjected to being judged if you’ve been naughty or nice. But you’re here so, you’re definitely naugh…erm…you’re definitely both. Nevertheless, if you do get coal this year and end up hating this holiday, do not be sad because we still have this Christmas-themed cosplay treats for you. Yey! Not so bad, huh?

Here’s an advanced little treat from the ladies of Macross Frontier, Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome. Forget about the presents! Who needs those when you have these two waiting for you underneath the Christmas tree?

If you don’t know who they are and you haven’t watched Macross Frontier, then you may want to check out this series. It’s an old school classic and you won’t regret seeing it. Specially if you like compelling futuristic sci-fi plot lines, mecha, music, and if you’re not allergic to happiness.

苏婉芷(Sūwǎnzhǐ) as Sheryl Nome
苗小小(Miáo xiǎo xiǎo) as Ranka Lee


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