Lovely LanaRain In An Evening Of Cosplay, Fun And Sexiness


Your day is about to get an infusion of sexiness with the radiant LanaRain and her impressive cosplay skills.

LanaRain has a gift when it comes to bringing your favorite characters from anime, manga and games to life, and she also introduces you to characters you may not have heard of through her cosplays.

Tonight, LanaRain is cosplaying as Sanae Kochiya from Touhou, and she is giving you an opportunity to check out her cosplay expertise while she engages you with all sorts of interesting topics for you to have a delightful time with her as you enjoy her loveliness, her sexy personality and how gorgeous she looks in her vibrant show.

I am a cosplayer, gamer and youtuber who wishes to express & share my sexual fetishes through my own styles and themes


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