Drifters: Episode 4


I thought that the big bosses of the Drifters and Ends are really serious but on the start of the 4th episode, I realized they can be funny, too!

Our story resumes to the fall of the Northern Wall of the Octobrists and the riot of the three first drifters we saw namely Nabunaga, Toyohisa and Yoichi. They have captured an Octobrists and when she explained to them the situation, Nabunaga wants the Drifters to rule and that the Octobrists should support them and not the other way around.

The elves; however, are in a dilemma. They are still scared of the Ends but they had already killed the commander so there is no turning back as for making it peace with the Ends.

Olminu, the Octobrist with Nabunaga, Toyohisa and Yoichi gave them a charm to be fluent in the language of that world. They helped out the elves on how to fight back but the first step is to how to gather their courage and escape from the Ends. When the Ends arrived at their town, everyone was gone.

The next episode surely will have a lot of action and story and I can’t wait for the next one!


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