Anastassia Bear Is Waiting For You In Class


It is almost guaranteed that you had some long hours of class; and, odds are, you hated it.

If the above is true, then you remember it as a boring time; fortunately, thanks to BlueBlood and Anastassia Bear, classes will not appear quite so dull to you anymore, as she spices the scene with a great energy, a beautiful smile and a total openness about what she can do to get your jaw on the floor, all while wearing a shirt of Jake from Adventure Time and a plaid skirt that leaves little to the imagination; allowing you stare at her, being grateful for this BarelyEvil classmate.

After you see this gallery, you will wish you were there with her, and that the class period you are sharing would never end, so you could spend just a little more time with the beautiful Anastassia Bear.



Here is a nearly-nude-in-public series we shot with Anastassia Bear in her schoolgirl outfit.
–Amelia G



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