Rival Schools 3


All those who grew up in the 90s had encountered or played the arcade game “Rival Schools”. This is an arcade game produced by Capcom in 1997 and produced a game for PlayStation in 1998.

The idea of this game is comparable to the crossover game of Marvel vs. Capcom where the Marvel characters are up against Capcom characters and you only have to choose one side. Anyway, it was a really cool game and there are just a few games existing in today’s genereation.

Earlier this year, I was able to discover Mortal Kombat that is available to download for free in Play Store and it brings back the memories of childhood but it is more improved — it is 3D and the killing movie portion makes it looks more realistic and gruesome compared to its earlier versions on arcades, Nintendo and Sega.

Very recently,series producer Hideaki Itsuno urged the fans via CFN network to tweet him with the hashtag #RivalSchools3 because he is looking to make a new one since Batsu, Hinata and Kyosuke just started third year by the time the story ended.

I know for sure that even with the Pokemon craze going on right now, there are several of you who wants to revive the fighting games you enjoyed in your childhood so if you’d like to support and give suggestions, go and tweet with the hashtag #RivalSchools3 right now.


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