Bon Odori Festival


People all over the world celebrated Bon Odori Festival, which is originally celebrated only in Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. What is Bon Odori, exactly? Bon Odori actually means Bon Dance. It is a dance that is performed during Obon. Obon (or some call it just “Bon”) is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors. This is pretty popular if you watch a lot of Japanese movies or animes.

Obon is where people remember or express gratitude to our loved ones who passed away. Basically, when people say Bon Odori, it refers to the dance, so it really means Bon Dance Festival as to Bon Odori as the festival to commemorate our loved ones who have passed on before us.

No matter what people call it, everyone surely enjoys this festival and this is also one of the major festivals in Japan. This is such a wonderful festival that people all over the world celebrates it.


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