Marvel Will Be Making Its Own Movies


Last week, Marvel finally settled with Chairman Emeritus Stan Lee over the royalties from the Spiderman movies and is now looking to produce its own movies. Marvel made a deal with Paramount to distribute its comic book-based flicks, but now Paramount will receive only the distribution fees instead of the bigger piece of the pie from prior deals. The full details of the Stan Lee settlement have not yet been disclosed, although word is that it cost Marvel at least ten million dollars from its current fiscal quarter. The execs at Marvel see a whole lot more money on the table, however, from the company’s stable of roughly five thousand characters the company owns. Should be an interesting upcoming decade for comic book fans. Captain America is apparently the first superhero up at bat for Marvel in 2007 under their new terms. Prior movie deals may still be bringing us Fantastic Four and X-Men 3 from Fox, Punisher 2 from Lion’s Gate, Ghost Rider and Luke Cage from Sony, Namor and Hulk 2 from Universal, and potentially Deathlok from distributor Paramount.

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