Red Queen WingID_Lust


Wing ID Lust looks amazing in her red and black outfit today, with her red and black makeup, and her heart pasties. Her makeup always looks great, but it looks extra super duper dramatic tonight. Kudos to whichever person from her room ordered the Mehron professional makeup goodies for her. Wing ID Lust says she wishes it were easier to cam from fabulous hotel rooms. She likes to go to a casino to eat salmon-y deliciousness and to stay in a really nice hotel suite, but not to gamble. She says she sucks at gambling, but that is really just math, because the casino has to make sure that more people lose at gambling than win at gambling. Or else you wouldn’t have all those cool hotel rooms. Vampire Wing ID Lust says she has blackout curtains everywhere in her house, so she never ever has to see the sun.







Dark Beauty Waiting For You
Goth, Gothic, Dark, Model, Sexy, Tattooed, Pierced, DeathHawk, Long Nails, Slim, White, Lust, Wings, Shaved, Cute, Hot, Horny, Toys, Naughty, Anal, Bisexual, Pussy, Friendly, Small Tits, Beautiful, High Heels, Nice Ass, Smart, Funny, Young, Sweet, Fun
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