Devorah’s Magically Seductive Bethany Cosplay


On this CosplayErotica presentation, Devorah is cosplaying as Bethany rom Dragon age inquisition. She has a wooden staff and medieval clothing, and before revealing what lies underneath her costume in these images and her stirring video, Devorah shows you how adept she is at using magic as she actually produces a fireball and a blue ball of energy before letting you in on a little secret: magic is not the only thing she is good at.

Devorah also lets you see a lot of her physical attributes, in most cases up close while maintaining just enough of the costume on for you to continue to admire her cosplaying skills while she focuses on enthralling you with her sensual ways.



Bethany Hawke is Hawke’s younger sister and Carver’s fraternal twin. An apostate mage, she received her magical training from her father, who was also an apostate.



devorah bethany


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