ChainsawMania With Superna


Be afraid Jason Voorhees, because you have some incredibly sexy and playful BarelyEvil competition.

All you need to know about this BlueBlood gallery is that Superna is in it, and she is wearing nothing but black boots (let’s stop for a moment and remember how utterly powerless I am in the presence of boots) as she wields a chainsaw.

I don’t know about you, but Superna would be the only person with a chainsaw I would ever run towards. Only seeing those engaging eyes and her straight, long hair is enough for anybody to be completely captivated.

The fact that this photoshoot was done at a somewhat torn environment makes me wish that I had Superna as a companion in a zombie apocalypse.

What do you think?


If you all have noticed the amusingly appalling ass We All Scream for Ice Cream banners running on at the moment, our good friend David J. Schow wrote the screenplay for it. He was also kind enough to loan us the use of his swanky Hollywood Hills pad to shoot Superna and Individual. In between planned shooting setups, given the homeowner’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre writing credits, we couldn’t resist shooting a set of Superna brandishing his chainsaw too!
–Amelia G



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